Thursday, October 21, 2010

CTFxC: Postal Mishaps Resolved? And Name Dat Robot

From this video it looks like CTFxC might have all their hassles with the local post office fixed, but time will tell, time will tell. If you don't know, when Charles Trippy and Alli Speed would take a bunch of packages to be mailed the post office, employees would tell them that they had too many and would only do 20 at a time and they would have to keep going back in line to mail their next 20. Which is ridiculous.
I can see why the folks working there would have a problem with lots of packages being brought in (see this Seinfeld clip of Newman talking how the mail keeps coming... lol). But IT IS THEIR JOB!!

Cool that Charles now gets some express service so they can mail out all those t-shirts everyone ordered (you can check out their t-shirts on Charles & Alli's website - Internet Killed Television). Charles mentioned they might be doing some more hoodies during the winter months which would be awesome.

What do you think about the new vacuum they got from Neatobotics? It's called the Neato XV-11 and those who stuck around after the BlogTV show last night (more details about that below), we got to see this sucker in action. Pretty sweet. I would so like one of those. Alli said that she would name it "Lovato" because iJustine named the one she got "Bieber".

It was interesting to see them getting ready for the BlogTV live show they did for the premiere of Blue Mountain State on Spike. Charles was asking trivia questions about the show and viewers would send their answers to him via Twitter. Just in case you want to follow Charles and Alli, their Twitter accounts are:

@CharlesTrippy and @AlliSpeed

Charles was watching the BlogTV comments and Alli was staring intently (I mean intently! lol) at the Twitter answers. I kept trying to get her to laugh or respond to my Tweets, but the girl was in the zone! Later on that night Phil DeFranco did a show from the west coast (I was watching that one too). What you had to do was include some hashtags with BMS (as in Blue Mountain State) with your tweets to Charles and your name could go in for a $2,000 prize. Yup. Two thousand bucks! Plus there were other prizes for each question. I did mention it in another post on Bradshaw's Blog, and Charles & Phil both mentioned the shows repeatedly in their videos, so if you missed out, well, I guess you missed out. Keep an eye out for more stuff like this. I'll blog about it when and if anyone on YouTube or elsewhere does this stuff again.

There was a special guest appearance by Sammah, who did a special "Do It Float?" episode. It didn't float lol. But he did get me to sub.

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