Monday, November 29, 2010

Shaytards Date Night And The Princesstard Diaries

Shay Carl and Katilette have decided to have a little "Date Night" and turned filming of the Shaytards over to little Princesstard.

While Shay and Mommytard are out having a little much-needed "us" time, we get to see a young filmmaker learning the ropes as a Youtube vlogger as Princesstard turns the Shaytards' camera on her brothers and sister. Sontard of course starts bustin' moves all over the place as soon as the camera is on him and Babytard is her usual giggly bundle of cuteness. Even Rocktard seems happy for a little face time in front of the camera.

At around 4:30 or so when she was telling us that the babysitter didn't want to be filmed, all I could think was that Princesstard was doing her vlogging with a "Toby Turner-esque" flair and kept waiting for her to say "outro of darkness, then redness, then whiteness, then Princesstardness".

I liked that idea that Shay was floating called "Sneaky Snacks" where people load up on snacks and food and stuff to sneak into the movie theater when they are going to see a film. Of course then movie prices would have to go up if the theaters had a massive decline in popcorn and snack sales. Still, not a bad business idea. And loves Shay's showing us "the Rudy of water fountains" (Rudy of course being that movie of the kid who wanted desperately to play football for the University of Notre Dame - excellent movie).

Yup, I agree with Shay's assessment of Princesstard's vlogging abilities. She's gunnin' for your job Shay!

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