Monday, November 8, 2010

Hot Librarian Alli And One Year Ago On CTFxC

Charles Trippy starts today's CTFxC vlog with a stern warning not to fall for any phishing scams which is good advice - there's lots of people out there trying to scam you, so what you should do is send all your banking information to me at... yes, I'm kidding, but if you are approached online for your info, MAKE SURE IT'S LEGIT!

And yes, that first shot of Alli when she wearing Charles' glasses made her look like a hot librarian lol. Something about a girl with big beautiful eyes who wears glasses...

And loved the chinese firedrill at 2:45 where Alli and her dad ran around the car at the stoplight and then jumped back into their seats in the car. I haven't done that in years. If you saw that, would you do it? I am so going to do that when I get a chance. And that indoor golf simulator does look awesome like Charles says when they stop by to see his sister Melissa.

That great painting that Charles points out is obviously from the movie Caddyshack (a true classic!) I read that Bill Murray has a copy of that painting.

On the way home after mama Speed's birthday celebration, Charles mentioned that one of the people on Twitter told him that they need to go back and watch the video they uploaded one year ago and compare where they are now with then. So, by making use of the YouTube time machine, here's CTFxC one year ago.

Yup, that's them back on November 7th, 2009. They were still in Spain! Charles was talking about their website and how they had just opened the site's online store and the CTFxC maniacs were all over it and the website was a little sluggish because of the traffic. It was funny seeing Alli talking about her hair in this one and the one from yesterday when she got it clipped.

"Who's Katie Price? Does Anyone know who that is?"

Wow, here it is a year later and EVERYONE knows who Katie Price is. LOL at Charles for not knowing about her, but then again a lot of people didn't know Price a year ago.

He also asked about why it's called soccer in the USA and football (or futball) elsewhere. I think it was because when it developed in the States, their organization was called the "Association" and that got shortened to assoc - soccer. I read that years ago, but I could be wrong about the origins of the word. We may need to call HotForWords for a ruling. And, yup, Marina has a video explaining all about HotForWords: Soccer or Football?.

And they were just starting the Twitter accounts. Hard to believe it was just a year ago that Twitter sort of blew up right?

So, should I keep showing their videos from a year ago? Should I make it a thing? I sound like Wheezy Waiter saying that lol. I don't know if it's a thing yet or not (explosion!)

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