Monday, November 15, 2010

Shay Carl Update On The Toronto Trip And In Case You Didn't Know, Babytard Is The Cutest Youtuber Ever

Poor Shay Carl looks beat when the video starts while the Shaytards clan is watching Sontard's basketball game. Towards the end of the video Shay updates us on whether he can make it to the Toronto Youtube gather November 16, 2010 (if your reading this after that date, um, nevermind).

Without a doubt little Babytard is PDP as Shay would say. She's really starting to talk more and more. And that chair they found does look like her. Shay: "Is that not Babytard?" Babytard: "YES!!"

After they returned from the store Shay tried desperately to explain why he might not be able to make it to the Toronto gathering because of the passport problem, but says if we check his Twitter account (@shaycarl) he will let us know if he can make it or not. Hopefully the passport folks will get their stuff straightened out, but if he can't make it Shay did say he would make a point of stopping in Toronto for a meetup at a later date.

The Gathering will still go ahead (Wheezy Waiter will be there from what I've heard and Corey Vidal) but I'm betting we'll see Shay too.

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