Sunday, November 14, 2010

When Beards Collide: Shay Carl And Wheezy Waiter In Toronto

There is a YouTube Gathering November 16, 2010 in Toronto Canada and it looks like both shaycarl and Wheezy Waiter will be putting in appearances. So if you are the Toronto area on Tuesday, you have a chance to meets the two most famous bearded youtubers. It looks like Corey Vidal will be there too. And knowing the rabid Wheezy and Shaytards fans out there, expect quite a crowd.

So, here is the info you'll need:

Date: Tuesday, November 16th
Place: Downtown Toronto - Dundas Square.
Time: 4 PM. See you there?

Here's a link to Google Maps for the area if you need it: Dundas Square
Duration? - well, at this time of year it starts getting a bit cold and dark around 5pm, but you can always head into the Eatons Center. Hey, you might be able to get a great picture with Shay or Wheezy.


  1. You have to wonder if anyone will be talkin' smack about Wheezy's Team Beard edging Shay's Shaytard Rebellionites in the recent Supernote contest. They probably will joke about it with lots of "Just wait til next year" being thrown around.

    This should be a fun meetup. Anyone else going?

  2. Just watched the latest Shaytards video and Shay is having passport problems and might not be able to get across the border into Canada. He may not know til monday whether he can go to Toronto, but he says check his Twitter account for more info.



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