Sunday, November 14, 2010

Justin Bieber In "8 Kilometers": Great Bieber Parody Trailer

With the news that Justin Bieber aka kidrauhl on Youtube, is about to begin his 3-D bio-pic, it is not surprising that some people are taking a potshot or two at the little crooner from the Great White North. There's no disputing Bieber has had massive success over the course of this last year, but a biography AND a movie about his life all in the same year? C'mon - he's 16 years old! How much living has Bieber done growing up on the gritty streets of Stratford Ontario?

Before we see the real thing - a trailer of his movie to be called "Never Say Never" (yes, in 3-D no less), UCB Comedy has made a takeoff of Eminem's "8 Mile" and used it for the parody trailer below called "8 Kilometers" (we use kilometers instead of miles in Canada if you didn't know).

"This time, I'm gonna have to issue you an official warning, even though your voice is dreamy."

Bieber was also killed off on the show "South Park" this week, but all the videos for THAT have been snatched down as quickly as they went up. Sorry about all the hate being directed at "the Biebs" all you 13-year-old girls who keep him as a permanent trending topic on Twitter for no apparent reason, but if you can't take a joke...

I haven't heard or read of Bieber's reaction to this video or the South Park episode, but I'm pretty sure he would think it would be positive, but I dunno. What do you think about this clip?

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