Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DeniseVlogs Pranks The Station

"Wants some gum?" That's usually not a sentence that should make you wary at all, unless it's Denisevlogs or maybe BrettTheIntern who are going around theStation offering a shocking new flavor.

Gotta love KassemG being able to turn it around by grabbing a mittful of Denise. I once had some fake gum that looked like the real thing, but instead of giving the person a shock, it had a spring that snapped a mousetrap-like bar on their thumb when they grabbed for a stick. Oh yea, inflicting pain on your unsuspecting friends = good times!

I remember seeing another video by the ClipCritics where they did something similar with a toy gun on lots of famous youtubers. Actually check it out below:

That was from about 2 years ago. Need to get those guys back on Youtube making great videos. Have you ever seen what is probably my favorite video by the clipcritics? Language is a bit racy, and there's an odd gerbil reference or two, plus Gary Busey. Need I say more?

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