Monday, November 15, 2010

Facebook Explains Their New Email System

In case you haven't heard, social-networking conglomeration Facebook has just announced a new email-type thingy (yep, that's the technical jargon) that some computer types are wetting themselves because it is supposedly a "Gmail killer" and now Facebook will soon own the world. Until Google or someone else comes up with something better next month.

How will it work you ask? Well, watch the clip with the nice Facebook people and try not to notice the subliminal messages saying: "Mark Zuckerberg is cool and actually a standup guy and nevermind what they told you in that movie".

It all looks fairly straightforward and may be interesting, but as always, lets see what it looks like when we actually have access to it before we hail it as the tech innovation of the new millenium or the next Google Knol (what? You don't even remember the Knol?)

There are already some who think it might take out Twitter because of the instant-messaging aspect, but let's give it a bit of time to ferment and let our friends in the nerd herd play with it befre deciding.

Of course as soon as the accounts become available everyone will be slamming it as inadequate because of this or that, but secretly wanting one. Remember the hubbub about the iPad? Some excitement along with a collective "meh", but then became a massive success for Apple. I'll keep an eye on it and you probably should too.

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