Saturday, November 13, 2010

Brittani Louise Taylor Shows You How To Get A Boyfriend

So, you're a complete loser with no boyfriend or girlfriend and everyone thinks you're shallow and mean? Turn that around in your favor! At least that's what Brittani Louise Taylor initially tells her friend Kristin Findley (who you may have seen in some recent Shane Dawson videos).

So the best way to attract the man or woman of your dreams is to treat them like crap, be mean to them and deny your true self. That's what it appears Brittani is saying through the video, but at the end she proves that is all completely untrue.

Unfortunately there are a LOT of people who already follow her satirical advice to the letter in real life. Her recommendations at the end are spot on - be yourself, be friendly and supportive. Mind games are not a good way to attract the right type of people into your life.

There are some people who are so desperate to have someone in their lives that they do use all those tricks and schemes Brittani highlights in the video. The best way to treat a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend is with love, kindness, understanding and by being supportive. If you want to be treated well, you need to treat others in the manner you would want to be treated. The simplest advice is usually the best and Brittani provides it at the end of her video.

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