Monday, November 8, 2010

Crabstickz In A Movie?! Could Happen...

For subscribers of Chris Kendall, also known as crabstickz on YouTube (he's also known as Mr & Mrs Kendall's very odd son, but that's another story) may have an outside chance of getting in a movie. His roommate/flatmate/neighbour, Sue has written a movie script and it might get turned into a film. Watch the clip for more details.

The website that you need to go to is where aspiring screenwriters and film folk like the aforementioned Sue, can submit screenplays and movie ideas with the hopes that they can be made into movies. Right now this is only open to residents of the UK, but their website says they are looking into expanding, so you might want to keep an eye on this site for future reference - especially if you are interested in making movies and if you are heavily into YouTube, you are probably secretly plotting your own takeover of the Hollywood movie industry.

So if you want to help a fellow Youtuber out, go to the website and do the following:

1) Register to become a member
2) Watch 6 or more pitches
3) Vote for 3 pitches! Sue's is '183 Daniel'
4) wallow in 100XP

If you are thinking about putting in a pitch of your own, there are some considerations, like you have to be 18 years old, and as mentioned a UK resident. Creep around their website a bit and see what's what, but don't forget to vote for Sue's movie "183 Daniel".

Also check out this clip below where crabstickz does a few accents. You have to wonder what it's like to have all those people bouncing around in your head like that lol.

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