Saturday, November 13, 2010

How To Find The Twitter Account Of Your Favorite Youtuber

This is a list of the Twitter accounts of most of the Top 100 Most Subscribed Youtube accounts and individuals. I'm pretty sure it's accurate, but I wasn't sure how to present it - alphabetically? But who has the most Twitter followers? (I'm pretty sure that would be iJustine). But I thought I would just list them by where they rank in subscribers. That's a problem too because there is some fluctuation, with folks moving up and down. If I've blatently missed someone (I apologize), let me know and I'll get them on the list.

Most of this information can be found on each person's channel, but I thought it might be handy to have all of the addresses in one spot. There are lots of Twitter accounts of other youtubers not listed who are VERY active and connecting with their followers who should be included even if they are not in the Top 100, but this list will be updated as we go. Any questions or comments? Leave them in the doobly-do, er, I mean, leave them in the comments section at the bottom.

nigahiga @TheRealRyanHiga
RayWilliamJohnson @RayWJ
ShaneDawsonTV @shanedawson
Fred @LucasCruikshank
smosh @smoshanthony | @smoshian
MysteryGuitarMan @MysteryGuitarM
machinima @Machinima_com
sxephil @phillyd
realannoyingorange @annoyingorange
collegehumor @collegehumor
davedays @davedays
kevjumba @kevjumba
failblog @failblog
KassemG @kassemg
MichellePhan @ricebunny
TheStation @tweetthestation (also used for theStation2)
WHATTHEBUCKSHOW @buckhollywood (also for his Peron75 channel)
barelypolitical @barelypolitical @barelydigital

There are some channels with more than one person involved, like Smosh, so I made sure to include the Twitter accounts of each of the principals involved in each account.

Also, if you have 2-3 channels in the top 100 (Shane, Phil, IJ, etc.), and use the same Twitter account for each Youtube channel, I've included just the one Twitter account.

VenetianPrincess @vprincess
ijustine @ijustine
makemebad35 @makemebad35
shaycarl @shaycarl | @katilette
HouseholdHacker @householdhacker
kidrauhl @justinbieber
communitychannel @natalietran
SelGomez @selenagomez
mileymandy @MandyJiroux
HappySlip @happyslip
daneboe @daneboe
LisaNova @Lisa_Nova
charlieissocoollike @coollike
BrittaniLouiseTaylor @brittanitaylor
TimothyDeLaGhetto2 @traphik
freddiew @fwong
davidchoimusic @davidchoimusic
machinimarespawn @Mcom_Respawn
ImprovEverywhere @improvevery
schmoyoho @autotunethenews | @schmoyoho | @arosegregory | @followsarahg

Also, to break it up a bit, I've made the list into sections of about 20 each or so. No one wants to scroll down a massive list of addresses and names. Hope that helps.

thelonelyisland @thelonelyisland
rhettandlink @rhettmc | @linklamont
meekakitty @meekakitty
livelavalive @mmitchelldaviss | @kylesibert
kipkay @kipkay
TheFineBros @TheFineBros
charlestrippy @Charlestrippy | @allispeed
TotallySketch @TotallySketch
DeStorm @DeStorm
JamesNintendoNerd @cinemassacre
pyrobooby @Pyrobooby
thecomputernerd01 @thecomputernerd
Tobuscus @TobyTurner
Juicystar07 @juicystar007
roosterteeth @RoosterTeeth
Onision @onision
JPizzle1122 @ideoProductions
MediocreFilms @mediocrefilms
take180com @eSpoofaloo
smpfilms @smpfilms
MondoMedia @happytreefriend

I know there's probably an easier way to present this info and I'll get it updated eventually. If you have any suggestions, comment below.

FLuffeeTalks @FLuffeetalks
juliansmith87 @juliansmith87
WasteTimeChasingCars @wtcc
DieAussenseiter @DwieDima | @SwieSasha
bubzbeauty @bubzbeauty
WongFuProductions @wongfupro
panacea81 @panacea81
IGNentertainment @ign
TayZonday @tayzonday
keeptheheat @keeptheheat
vlogbrothers @realjohngreen | @hankgreen
hotforwords @hotforwordstwitter
AllThatGlitters21 @TheRealRyanHiga
kandeejohnson @ellefowler | @kandeejohnson
swiftkaratechop @swiftkaratechop
WhataDayDerek @whatadayderek
TopGear @BBC_TopGear
hchsknights08 @alyssabernal
JeepersMedia @jeepersmedia

There, now. Next up will be everyone's home phone numbers and addresses (I'm kidding). This list is just to help people find various youtubers on Twitter so they can follow them (Wow, that sounds like I'm a stalker-enabler or something).

If you cannot find someone on the list it could mean they either don't have a Twitter account (doubtful) or they are not in the Top 100. I'm not discriminating against those without a large subscriber base, it would be impossible to list everyone who is on Youtube by their Twitter account, so I'm drawing the line somewhere. As always, you can usually find the Twitter (and other information about a channel), on the channel, so that's where I would look first.

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