Saturday, November 13, 2010

Brazil's FELIPENETO About To Join Top 100 Most Subscribed

Don't know how this channel snuck up the charts so fast, but it looks like Felipe Neto's felipeneto channel is going to be bumping a few of the English-language Youtube channels down the ranks.

I did watch this video and although I didn't understand most of what he said (I did hear "Big Bang Theory" and "hashtag" lol), I can see why Felipe's channel would get popular. He's a good-looking guy and the video is edited well. He seems to have a lot of confidence and I like the style - did he steal MysteryGuitarMan's sunglasses? The video was just posted yesterday and already has 242K views, so there's a HUGE audience watching.

He only has 24 uploaded videos at this point but almost every one has at least one-two million views (58 million total views - so averaging more than 2 million a video, none-too-shabby) and his channel itself has garnered 12,017,409 views. That shows there is a LOT of interest in this guy who joined Youtube in May of 2006 but only started posting videos in April 2010. That is a FAST rise! He's also got 845,000 Twitter followers: @felipeneto.

He has a 2nd channel called felipenetovlog with another 148,000 subs and that one only started at the end of May 2010. Keep an eye on this guy's channel. It will be only a matter of time before he's in the middle of the Top 100 and looking at moving even higher.

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