Thursday, November 11, 2010

KassemG Talks To Californians About Aliens

So, do you believe that there are aliens out there? Not the border-crossing, take the jobs you don't want kind, but actual E.T., Star Wars, suck you up into their saucer to conduct weird sexual experiments on you kind of aliens. KassemG is asking, and as usual, the California beach crowd is more than willing to provide an informed opinion.

First, what the heck was KassemG doing kissing those dudes at the start of the video? Is that some kind of a new interviewing technique? I don't think I want to see his followup questions because I'm afraid I may see some inappropriate gropage.

LOL at the blond girl saying that Kassem looks like he might be an alien and Kassem saying that yes, ideed he was an alien and he was planning on some anal probing.

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