Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DeFranco's PDS: Schwarzenegger, Dead Bunnies, And Zombies Oh My!

Yes, California's Governator, Ah-nold, probably tried the gangja at one point or another and discussed various highminded topics when he appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but as Philip DeFranco says in today's Philip DeFranco Show, the Twitterverse is all atwitter with speculation that Schwarzenegger isn't concerned with pot.

One other point Phil brings up is that YouTube has been acting very whonky for the last little while. I am one of the people anxiously awaiting new videos from all my favorite youtubers and they are not all making it through to my dashboard. After shaking my fist and other body parts in the general direction of YouTube, I've been clicking the button in the right hand corner of the Youtube page and checking my subs and seeing what new video has popped up (I just checked and there's one from the Shaytards that isn't showing on my screen - so I'll take a look at what Shay's been up to). I shouldn't have to do this! C'mon YouTube! Get your head out of your butt and FIX this. Okay, I'm good.

Phil does say he appreciates everyone finding their way to his videos and offers another option: the Official PhillyD iPhone App, so check that out so you don't miss any PhillyD deliciousness (yech, no need to gay it up Bradshaw).

And His Korean Neighbors Ate His Bunny Rabbit

I wonder what he said that prompted them to munch on Bugs. "Hey, you can have my bunny for Easter!" or "You can have Bugs this weekend". I'm trying not to laugh thinking of a teary-eyed eight-year-old Phil plotting some diabolical revenge against the neighbors. (And Mr and Mrs Kim were never seen again).

And Phil, like just about everyone else, is salivating at the chance of playing Call of Duty: Black Ops, but he will be out of town so no COD for him. I just watched the latest CTFxC video and Charles Trippy went and stood in line with about 70-80 other diehards at midnight last night to pick up the game. I've seen clips and it LOOKS AWESOME. But, this isn't a review of Black Ops...

Haven't seen the Walking Dead show yet, although I've read about it and being in Canada we get the "No Hulu for You!" brushoff. Guess I'll have to actually watch the TV to see it. And I think I almost threw up seeing the stunt dudes perched atop that Dubai building for the Tom Cruise film.

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