Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shaytards: Don't Come To Winkos And Get The Swedish Fish

I don't know what it is, but it seems that most of the Shaytards I laugh hardest at are the ones with the tardlets at the local store?

It was nice to see Babytard's reaction to seeing herself on the cover of the new CD from James Blunt and her saying almost "well, duh, Dad" when Shay Carl asked if she knew she was famous. One thing I do notice about the various Shaytard children is that when you ask them a question they always say "Yes" (especially Sontard) and not the more common "Yeah". Just nitpicking, but it's good to see kids even as young as Babytard speaking clearly.

Loved seeing Shay rolling around in that pile of leaves too. That did seem to be so "Shay Carl" of a thing to do and then pop up waving at the passing cars.

And Princesstard crawling into the Eggo waffle section of the cooler was great. She seems so random lol, but I'm betting Shay told her to do it. Katilette's reaction was funny too - "I don't know these people".

And of course the part where Shay was getting Mommytard to smell the various bulk food candies and then made her sniff Sontard. Classic man-humor.

As always the vlog ends too soon - they are always around 15 minutes long, but the time watching them flies by. I wanted to see more of the football brawl!

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