Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Movies Suck When You Go With Jussttom

I've been following this guy for a while now and I think you might like his latest video (or not, I don't really care lol) His name is Tom Francisco and goes by jussttom on Youtube. He sorta has a DeFranco vibe that he keeps getting ribbed for, but check out what he has to say.

Tom has been on Youtube for a while and according to one of his earlier videos, this is just his latest incarnation. He and his buddies used to do some JackAss type of stuff because afterall, it's always funny when your buddies hurt themselves.

He started this channel and has gathered about 7300 subscribers and also made it into the Youtube Partnership program around mid-August 2010.

Somehow I stumbled across his channel awhile back and started watching his videos from his very first one (a word to the wise - Bradshaw may be creeping your channel. If you see comments left by DellBoy010, that's me). Tom's first videos were weak, but that's to be expected, but he got stronger with his delivery and posted a number of videos that were interesting.

He mentioned that he just started a Facebook Fan Page for his channel, that's at Jussttom's Facebook Page (while you're checking out his facebook page, don't forget to click on mine as well... it's just over there... on the right. I'll wait right here while you check it out...

Also, Tom needs some more Twitter followers, so if you want to stalk him over there too, his Twitter is @justtom.

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