Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Man Makes Over $600,000 Selling Virtual Real Estate

I usually watch the YouTube channel TheYoungTurks which features Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian pointing out the ludicrous statements made by politicians and others, but this story caught my eye. You looking to make money online? Try selling virtual real estate.

First off, have you ever even heard of this game called Entropia? The website is entropiauniverse.com and I took a quick tour around the site. There's also almost 5,000 "Entropia" videos on Youtube, so if you want a closer look, check Entropia on Youtube.

All this sounds like that other virtual world game called Second Life which you don't really hear much about any more, or maybe I'm just not moving in the right circles. That was also a virtual world where you could make money in a virtual world and somehow transfer it into the real one. And of course there's the whole World of Warcraft genre that I won't go into here.

Still, you probably laugh about the guy buying that virtual real estate in the ether that is the Internet, but more likely you are thinking "I'd like to get in on that action" of selling something intangible that only exists in the collective minds and computers that make up the Web. Maybe it is laughable now, but with the ever changing aspect of the Internet and how we work with it, is this the future?

And the guy probably laughing loudest is the dude who sold the Entropia property in the first place.

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