Thursday, November 25, 2010

KassemG And California On Thanksgiving

"It was the pilgrims dude, the pilgrims were cool man." That seems to be the consensus of those who were interviewed by KassemG as to what Thanksgiving is. Religious zealots who thought wearing belt buckles on their hats and shoes was a cool fashion choice. See what California thinks about Thanksgiving:

"My mom lives in Las Vegas." "Hi mom. Is she a dancer?"

Why was Thanksgiving started Kassem asks. And everyone blurts out "Pilgrims." Yeah, the pilgrims had a date night with the local Indians (Native Americans), got them drunk and took advantage of them, then stole their land.

What should Kassem do the next "California On" about? Zombies? Harry Potter? Zombie Harry Potter? Hermione's Chamber of Secrets?

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