Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Station Gives A Shout Out To 3 Under-Viewed Youtube Channels

Has it already been a week since The Station's last "The Station Is Watching You"? Once again, we are met by our smiling Host with the Most, JoeFelice who features three channels that for whatever reason, haven't found their audiences yet - at least as far as having huge subscriber bases. Take a look:

The first channel is brob444 (aka 22-year-old Brandon Robinson), the music channel reviewed by davedays.

I agree with Joe when he was showing Dave this channel - heavily influenced by Dave's music, which is great, and with enormous listenability IMO. Plus, when you look at the older stuff Brandon has posted, you can see a lot of improvement musically as well as visually. Where will he be 6 months or a year down the line? I dunno, but it should be an interesting journey.

The 2nd channel that "The Station Is Watching You" points us towards is from Kayl Johnson and the channel is thenewsyoushouldknow. I actually have been subbed to Kayl for a while now and give The Station the thumbs up for giving him this shout out. Hear's the video that TheWillofDC was watching:

Will better keep looking over his shoulder because this guy is pretty good. If you don't know who TheWillofDC is, he does several videos each week about YT Winners & Losers (and I've done some posts here on his videos too). But Kayl's videos are good and I like his delivery as well as the scope of what he covers. You can also follow him on Twitter: @KaylJohnson.

The final channel they review is from wendymccolm, who I thought bore a striking resemblence to Alyson Hannigan (maybe it's the red hair), but I hadn't seen her before. Her channel was given the once-over by Michael Gallagher of TotallySketch.

Wendy has about 45 or so videos uploaded to Youtube over the last couple of years and if she takes Gallagher's advice and stops using copyrighted stuff, she'll easily make it into the Youtube Partnership program. You can stalk her over on Twitter at @wendymccolm (and she's got a tumblr account you can check out:

So, what do you think of these three picks? And also, how do you think Joe should handle the spammers? Should he listen to Spammy McSpamalot and just choose whomever gets the most plugs from that particular channel's fans?

Also, the opening and closing theme song for "The Station Is Watching You" was done by davidshurrmusic, so give him some comments if you liked his stuff. I thought his take on the theme was pretty good.

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