Sunday, November 21, 2010

CTFxC: Allie Eats Zombie Chow And Viewer Mail

It looks like Charles Trippy's Movember beard is coming in pretty good in this CTFxC and he is making some headway as far as getting his office cleaned up. Still lots of stuff all over the floor including viewer mail which he and Alli will open in another video.

I think the best part of that video had to be Charles in the wig and glasses and then showing the picture of his Dad all permed out. Of course, the scene with Alli eating the eyeballs and gizzrds or what every it was she was eating. I think I for one will pass on the Zombie food. But the book How To Talk Like A Zombie looked fun.

Next we get to see all the stuff people have been sending in to them. It is always cool stuff that CTFxCers send them and this is no exception. A lot of work went into the art work. Charles always seems to say that he doesn't want his viewers spending a lot of money on the items they send them, but it is always funny seeing how Zoe and Marley react to the toys and dog treats that are mailed.

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