Friday, November 5, 2010

Phil DeFranco's Fail Friday & An iPad Giveaway?

Looks like Phil DeFranco has another "Fail Friday" and once again, the links to the 2nd video don't work. Phil mentions a blooper reel (and shows some of it at the end of the video below), but his link to the video drop you off in the middle of Facebook. Going to his Facebook page and following the link to the bloopers from there - same thing and also the same from (his website). I'd have to say THAT is a fail, Phil!

Of the two examples Phil talks about, I think the first one is the more epic fail - ambulance dudes scarfing down some Wendys or Jack In The Box and then forgetting that they were supposedly working?

I do agree that it is a fail on the part of the legal system where the 2nd guy could be charged with a crime for defending his home from burglers. He'll probably get off easily and hopefully the idiot who got thumped with "a nearby blunt item" will think twice before trying to steal from someone else's home and whining because they prevented him from doing something that's illegal.

What's This About Phil Giving Away An iPad?!

Well, while I was running around between his channel, Facebook page and his website over at, I spotted this on his Facebook page:

Oh and Im giving away an iPad this month to a special subscriber. Keep up to date yo!

No further details given on his Facebook page about how or why or any terms or conditions, so if you are not yet subbed to his various channels and Facebook page, get it done so you can at least be in the running for the iPad with the million other Phil fans.

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