Friday, November 19, 2010

Dan 3.0 Addresses The "Michael Aranda Situation"

There has been some controversy swirling around the Pogotribe and the Dan 3.0 Project and Dan Brown addresses them here. Oh yeah, and he shaved off his beard. Yes, he looks like a 15-year-old kid again. But let's look at what he said, rather than going on and and on about the lack of facial hair.

What Dan says in the video is pretty clear and it looks like the decision to move on has been made by both Dan and Michael Aranda to part ways, but Michael felt putting some post up on Formspring (at airing out his concerns but that post was deleted (I read somewhere), he did reply to a couple of questions about "the situation" (sounds like a they're discussing one of those idiots from Jersey Shore) stating that both he and Dan had "put it behind them" & hoped we would too, which sounds like good advice.

Other than that, what seemed to be on the minds of most of the people commenting on this video was Dan shaving. About 90 percent of the comments were "I miss it" or "I'm glad it's gone", truly mind-numbingly boring comments. Usually the pogotribe can be counted on for witty, intelligent remarks, but I guess Dan's suddenly naked face can induce enough shock to generate innane comments. Knowing the fans of Dan, they'll soon be back to concentrating on the content of the videos and Dan's character rather than obsessing over what he looks like.

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