Monday, November 8, 2010

The Station Is Giving You The Eye...

Hard to believe that it is already time for another look at some under-viewed youtubers curtesy of your Genial Host With The Most, JoeFelice who gives us a glimpse at YouTube channels forwarded by fellow youtubers that should be given a wider audience. This is one of the better features from the Station's 2nd channel.

I really like the choices of genres that Joe mentions this week: a cooking channel, an animation channel and although I'm a dude, there's nothing wrong with promoting a beauty and makeup channel (plus there's the added benefit of seeing the yummy andreaschoice, so that's a win-win).

The first is thetofuguru from Brittany Roberts and the channel has a mere 1,904 subscribers which is surprising given the humor they bring to the cooking area. Watch the video below, which starts off with a takeoff on the boardgame Clue (Cluedo in the UK), and if you like what you see, feel free to tap that subscribe button.

Next up for your consideration: mrdaninsane, who is a talented animator from Israel, and his channel has 5,360 subs (should have more) and about 3 dozen videos posted. If you like animation even a little, then you should love this guy's stuff. Go to his channel and check out some more.

Last, is the channel reviewed by andreaschoice (did I mention she was yummy?) who shows us cutesygirl09's beauty channel. I am no aficionado of makeup and don't watch them much at all, but because I do keep track of who's who in the Top 100, I do watch the odd video of various beauty gurus on YouTube. Most of their makeup advice slips out of my brain pretty quickly, but as a guy, I do remember the pretty ones (actually most of the girls who are really good at this, look amazing before they start applying their makeup).

This girl, cutesygirl09, or Kayla, is definitely very pretty, but she brings some added attractiveness because of the confidence she shows the camera. Anyone who is in front of an audience, live or on video, needs to know that eye contact is one of the most important aspects in whether or not you are successful in making contact with your audience. Kayla does this.

She also has only 1,700 subscribers right now (she had only 60 before this video came out!), but will probably get a lot more. You might also want to check out her blog that she just started last month.

As I've said before, this is one of the Station's better efforts and I think it is probably Joe Felice who brought this idea of highlighting people with smaller sub bases who should be given a hand and showcased to a larger audience.

Joe also mentions that he would like to see more submissions for the intros (I liked this one by pinchpointpro). If you are a musician who can do a simple 10-second jingle with the words "The Station Is Watching You", send it to Joe!

Getting your stuff out there and SEEN by people is one of the hardest aspects of making a career or even becoming moderately successful as a musician or as a youtuber in general. The Station may be offering you a hand. Will you take the hand that's being offered to you?

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