Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Las Vegas Barbie Discusses Getting Knocked Up In The UK

If you are unfamiliar with the totally gorgeous youtuber Las Vegas Barbie (also known as my new girlfriend - dare to dream, Bradshaw, dare to dream), she makes some interesting videos that usually involve relationship advice, although she could be telling me anything as I stare into those eyes: Her: "...and then you just have to email me your bank info and send me the keys to your car" Me: "Let me get that for you right now". In this video, she discusses some of the cultural differences between the U.S. and the U.K.

I do agree with her assessment of the reaction of people in one country to those from different parts of the world as far as accents go. Yes, I'm a sucker for some English accents, and a fast-talking lass from Dublin or even Glasgow could easily have her way with me, but then again, the voice of a lusty woman from the southern states or even the Canadian province of Quebec would have the same result. Hey, I'm easy, what can I say?

I know many women who get all tingly in their naughty bits when hearing the thickest English or Italian accent. Maybe I shouldn't be saying anything because that's just what we need over here is a bunch of European guys flooding our bars and sweet-talking all our women away. So if you are from England, Australia or elsewhere, North American women DON'T LIKE YOUR ACCENTS! Somehow I don't think you believe me.

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