Friday, November 12, 2010

CTFxC: Candy For Breakfast, The Tennesse Trip And Half Nekid Swimmin'

Candy for breakfast? Charles, Charles, Charles...

If you're a diehard CTFxC fan, you know about Alli's medical problems, but there's a link below if you want more info. What do you think? Should Charles go to Tennessee and leave Alli? It's easy to say no, stay Charles, but she is insisting he go and film his trip.

I did like Alli's little makeup tutorial with Marley just before they went to the doctor's office. Alli in the car was histerical lol. "Are you guys PC gamers? There's this game called... oh do you know this song?"

Those mini-huskies of his friend Scott were amazing. "Let's see Shay Carl do that with Malachi!" when he was holding the dog above his head.

And here's yesterday's CTFxC vlog:

It looks like Charles Trippy is almost ready for his trip to Tennessee that he mentioned last week - he and some other youtubers are heading to Tennessee and planning on doing some snowboarding, but he hasn't said who will be joining him there. Alli is still recovering from her trip to the emergency room the other day (see this post if you missed what happened there: Alli Hospitalized But Released And Charles Gets COD Black Ops). The reason Charles has a camera strapped to his head is that he wants to be able to record his faceplants when he hits the slopes on his snowboard.

Alli is still not 100 percent, but towards the end of the video she was playing with the dogs, so good to see her up and about. Charles meanwhile was getting his golf bag handed to him by Alli's dad when they were playing virtual golf at the bar where Charles' sister Mel works. But to give him credit, Charles was getting better towards the end.

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