Sunday, November 7, 2010

NickosBLOG Congratulates OnePotChefShow And BrizTube 2010

It's always a good idea to be prepared in case of fire, and Nicko of NickosBLOG does the smart thing and changes the battery in his fire detector - just before a fire breaks out in his house!

Great line: "Oh! I forgot my laptop!" lol. Never mind about his wife Jess, or their little girl Immy, as he elbows both out of the way when the alarm goes off.

He shows another Australian youtuber, OnePotChefShow hitting the 10,000 subscriber mark (he's actually now at 10,205 - 20K subs coming up!) and because he promised that he would dress in drag when OnePotChefShow hit the 10K mark, Nicko will have to don a frock which he promises to do in the next week.

He said the wrong thing to Jess when he asked her if she had anything he could wear lol. He's, shall we say, a wee bit bigger than his wife, and he's lucky she didn't get his butt kicked by her for thinking that he could fit into her clothes.

This is a video posted on his personal vlog channel - Nicko also has his robjnixon channel where he's been posting info about the upcoming BrizTube 2010 YouTube Gathering. You can find out more at the BrizTube2010 channel.

And congrats again to OnePotChefShow!

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