Monday, November 15, 2010

Best COD Black Ops Review I've Seen So Far

From the good people at machinima we get what seems to me to be one of the best reviews of Treyarch Call of Duty: Black Ops. Lots of detail given in this nine and a half minutes about all the different facets of the game, and I think they just scratched the surface.

Although this review was out almost a month before the game itself was released, not everyone has seen it, although it has had about 136K views to date. Rob Talbert walks us through the games options and features and you can tell that he just LOVES this latest offering from Treyarch.

After watching this video, even I'm caught up in the hype and I WANT IT and I'm not a diehard gamer.

One part that Talbert mentioned in passing was the Secret Game Modes like Dead Ops Arcade that was reviewed below by machinima a few days ago.

And just in case you missed the Call of Duty Black Ops trailer that came out back in May 2010, here it is. It may get a little graphic for the faint of heart and the kiddies, so consider yourself warned. Had to include it though, because this is a GREAT trailer for the game.

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