Sunday, November 7, 2010

Face Time With Sxephil And His Book Update

This is something a little different from Philip DeFranco, a walk and talk vlog. Usually we catch a glimpse of Phil from deep inside the DeFranco bunker jump cutting through the daily news, but it was good to see him out and about early in the day.

Yes, it was a bit odd seeing the two bars on either side of Phil's noggin, but you have to agree that it was an interesting switch from his usually vloggitys. What did he have to say today? Well, we heard that he looks to have carried on with his book idea (you can see my post about PhillyD As A Published Author?). Phil says he's now up to about 30 pages and as he always says, he's a very busy guy, so getting a few minutes to sit down and write about his life, his experiences on YouTube and elsewhere and where he plans on going in the next few years is difficult to squeeze into his schedule. I for one would like to see this book when it's published.

Phil also fills us in on how he's doing on the battle to drop some of his tonnage. He's a big guy. Everyone seems to be surprised at how tall DeFranco is when they see him either in person or in comparison to other people in videos on Youtube, but because of his ongoing health issues, Phil has to be a little careful about his weight which has been trending upwards in the mid-200s. He has been using a personal trainer for the last couple of months and looks like he has lost a few more pounds (or it could just be 2 vertical bars sammiching his face, but being awake, outside and wandering around on the beach early is definitely what he needs to be doing on a regular basis if he wants to shed the fat. It is too easy to stay inside behind a computer and get little to no exercise and the pounds start to glom on to you.

So, for his update, DeFranco lets us know that he will be doing another interview (he just did one with NewTeevee last week: Phil DeFranco Talks About His Latest Interview), he's getting in a lot of exercise and his book project seems to be a go. Also, check out the photo bloggy thing he did with Olga Kay that he posted up at his website, PhillyD.TV: My Day in Pictures (November 6th, 2010).

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  1. lol, Phil DeFranco just tweeted about this blog. I guess I have the sxephil seal of approval.

    He tweeted: "Wow I have a new bookmark for YT news. Not just reposts or about subs. How did I just now find this?!"


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