Monday, November 29, 2010

John And Hank Green Have Some Project For Awesome Announcements Plus Great Outtakes

Yes, it's Hank and John Green together in one video which you you don't see everyday. And the Vlogbrothers have some announcements to share with the nerdfighters.

The Green brothers have 3 announcements: Project For Awesome, Moon Pasta, and DFTBA shirts at a discount.

The big announcement would have to be the 2010 Project For Awesome, which will be held December 17, 2010 where the Youtube communities come together to rate, favorite and comment about videos uploaded about various charities they like (I liked John's video last year where he announced the 2009 P4A which also was about his "malaria-hating unborn child" who turned out to be little Henry).

The moon pasta debate was pretty much answered in the comments for the video with lots of debate back and forth about thrust and gravitational pull and the caloric count of a fully grown angus beef cow vs the nutritional content in a serving of pasta (space pasta or the earthbound variety). You will need to go to the video comments for further enlightenment.

And the final topic that John & Hank discussed was that there was some new t-shirts and music available over at DFTBA and if you don't know what "DFTBA" means your membership in Nerdfighters is hereby revoked! Kidding, it is of course means: Don't Forget To Be Awesome!

And now, the blooper reel where John and Hank show they are not the natural gifted showman they portray in their Youtube videos:

And don't forget to make a Project For Awesome video for December 17th!

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