Thursday, November 11, 2010

Timothydelaghetto Talks With Iliana And Clobbers Some Trash Bins

Yup, you will be hearing (but not seeing, sorry) Timothydelaghetto's hot ex-girlfriend Iliana at the beginning of this video. No, I don't think they are back together.

It was nice to hear Iliana's voice again - she didn't talk much anyway on Tim's daily vlogs when she did appear anyway. But then Tim is off to see his buddy Eric Ochoa aka SUPEReeeGO and while they are off to grab some nourishment, they get caught up in their mutual admiration for Mario Lopez (which is fine, but, um, guys, let's talk about hot girls, kay?) Eric's channel is starting to blow up a bit - he's now got about 176K subscribers. I'll have to start featuring some of his on Bradshaw's Blog pretty soon.

Funny seeing Tim's Dad complaining about the leftovers "What they heck kinda food is that?!" Tim: "I had ribs." Dad: "Yeah thanks man" lol. All I can say is that I want to see a colab video with Tim's Dad and Papa Jumba, Kevjumba's Dad.

Later we see Tim rolling up on midimafia as they're trying to get some sound effects by bumping a trash can with a car and somehow Tim gets roped into using his car too. Then, they use the sounds they caught and incorporate them into a song they're putting together with Tim tossing in some vocals. The song they did should be posted up on YouTube around November 16th.

So, Tim and Iliana are still broken up - that's for all that keep asking lol. You need to let it go and move on folks.

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