Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dan Brown: The Cow Whisperer?

Dan Brown, aka pogobat is in the midst of a cross-country road trip as part of his Dan 3.0 project. If you have no idea of who Dan is or what his "project" is, take a look at this Bradshaw's Blog post I did about his speech at the 2010 VidCon last summer. That of course, doesn't explain what he's doing in the middle of Montana, but all will be explained in good time young Padawan.

One of the tasks that members of what Dan calls the pogotribe chose for him to do was a cross-country jaunt meeting up with various Youtube fans and fellow youtubers. In the video above we find Dan, along with his much tinier, but much cuter, girlfriend Danielle midway between meetups. By the time you have read this post they will have hit the road for a Chicago meetup on Wednesday November 10th.

One part of the the whole Dan 3.0 experience is that Dan's viewers get to chose "tasks" for him to accomplish - both big and small - and that's why he had to wear the hat, but it is his sorry attempt at communicating with the local bovine population that is a bit of a fail here. Cows are not the brightest animals on the planet and my experience with them is that they give you a look like the wheel is still turning, but the hampster has died. He might have coaxed one or two over by holding out some grass or other appetizing vegetation, but then you are surrounded by cows.

So they made it to Minneapolis and will upload footage of that gathering and then they are off to the Windy City, with subsequent stops in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta and finally Dallas by the 24th of November. Quite a hike around the country in a short period of time.

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