Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shay Carl At The Station, But Soon Heading Home To See The Tardlets

It looks like Shay is still in Los Angeles doing some top secret work for The Station, leaving Mommytard at home as the Tardlet Wrangler. Shay should be flying home to join the Shaytards tomorrow.

Shay was wandering the halls of the Station in a bloody butcher's apron so I'm hoping he is getting character for an upcoming video, while meanwhile back at "Chez Carl" (like my play on words there?) Katilette is contending with the rambunctious Shaytard children - Princesstard is truly frightening with her werewolf makeup, but Sontard was looking good shootin' hoops. I think I would have called a lot of travelling violations and fouls in that game, but they're just learning, so you have to cut them some slack. I do think Sontard may be more of a football guy than a basketball guy.

It was funny seeing them filming a scene at the Station and KassemG silently tearing Shay a new one for vlogging while they went over what the wanted to do in the scene. I've noticed that the videos from "The Station" have slowed down in number while their 2nd channel, The Station2 have increased.

Sontard and Princesstard are watching an old Shaytards video and busting a gut laughing (and missing Shay too it seems). Here's the video they were watching:

So Shay will be back in Idaho tomorrow. And tell Shay to remember his toothbrush and not to leave his camera on the plane this time!

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