Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ray William Johnson: Yellows Socks And Reggae Calms The Savage Toddler

Here's the latest from Ray William Johnson, which I think is a good one. I think I've seen that first guy with the yellow socks - no wait, I've been that guy with the yellow socks.

I thought for sure that the drunk dude at the subway station was going to fall directly through the subway car door, not some kind of weird ninja-gymnastic backflip over the bar.

The little dude diggin' on the Bob Marley was a pretty cool little kid. The channel that uploaded the video is (not surprisingly) called babybobmarley333 and they've uploaded 2 videos so far and have 320 subs. The video itself has had 5.8 million views since it was uploaded September 11, 2010. Don't know if they'll be able to come up with anything to compare with it, but these one-shot viral videos rarely do. Take a look at the full video below.

As far as the trick play video, I love the play and don't care if it was a "little illegal" or not. What is your opinion? Are you a die-hard "lame, ref shoulda called-it back" or are you like me: "Try it again in your next game, but just be prepared to get a mouth full of fist if you do". The video is closing in on 9 million views now which is awesome.

The school is the Driscoll Middle School this is their only account, but they did get 410 subs for it.

Loved how it all tied together with the losing team wearing yellow socks like the guy on the subway platform.

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