Monday, November 1, 2010

Criminal Minds With iJustine (airs November 3rd)

She's done it again! iJustine is going to be appearing on the tiny tube once again, this time in the show Criminal Minds and yes, she gets killed. I'm starting to think IJ has a lock on that genre. The episode will be airing November 3rd on

If you don't know, iJustine was also on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit last year and now she's on another great cop show. What I especially liked about her Law & Order appearance was that she also posted behind-the-scenes stuff showing the court room and the detective offices etc. She also showed herself in the autopsy area getting stitched up which was a bit creepy lol.

She also is in a longer clip you can check out: iJustine on Criminal Minds clip - but if you are in Canada and other regions, it is not available. You can get one of her t-shirts (either the "Dead iJustine" one or one of her others over at

Here's one of the behind-the-scenes videos she posted on her 2nd channel (called otherijustine) along with some others, so definitely go to her 2nd channel to see the other videos she did while doing the show (and subscribe!).

If you want to check out more of the show Criminal Minds, you can get all of the seasons to date over at Amazon.

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