Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Katers: A Near Deadly Helicopter Encounter And A Pulsating Wand

One of the UK vlogs I do follow (and you should too) is from Kate, or Katers17 on Youtube. Her vlog, which she just started at the end of September 2010, is Katersoneseven and I for one think it is already one of the better vlogs coming out of the UK (feel free to disagree of course, but you're wrong) and she already has 6,152 subscribers watching "Katers Daily Capers". She has of course, a well-established channel called katers17 (with 76K subs, making her the 57th most subscribed in the UK) that you might want to check out.

Below are a couple of recent videos on her Katersoneseven daily vlogging channel that I thought you might enjoy. First, she almost has a mishap with a helicopter followed by a return visit to the store where she picked up a magic wand.

I didn't know that she had been featured in that article in Venuszine, but here's a link to the article she was showing called 5 Young Video Bloggers to Watch. I'm unfamiliar with most of the other names of Youtubers they feel you should be watching except for Nanalew, who is a great Canadian vlogger who I'm also stalking, I mean, subscribed to. Still, thumbs up to the magazine, for having the same good sense to feature Katers.

I did like seeing the shopping part, which is saying a lot because as a dude we usually find even the concept of shopping abhorrent, but after the part about the purses and dresses, she wanders into RED5 which is a cool gadget store in the UK with tons of technological nik naks and even those fairy jars look interesting (maybe a Christmas gift?)

She does get dive-bombed by the grinning clerk at the store. Don't you hate those guys who get to play with toys and video games all day and call it "work"? Katers of course plans her revenge of returning to the store and hopefully getting a free toy because of the danger the guy placed her in and I don't blame her. You will see the results of her 2nd visit to the RED5 store in the next video.

But before that, she stops at her friend Amy's for some Zelda as well as trying the Leapin' Lizards Nature Puzzle.

As you can see, she did get store credit for her near death experience, but the store got her back by selling her that wand that so far does not seem to work. Although it may be because it is in the hands of a muggle. Wouldn't that be a great sales gimmick? "Here's a magic wand, but aw, you're a muggle so it doesn't work for your kind. A refund? Defective? No, sorry, the product is fine, it's who's operating it that's defective!"

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