Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wheezy Waiter And Explosion Wednesday ~ Canadian Style!

Wheezy Waiter is still in Canada (and will be for the reainder of the week apparently) and he and Corey Vidal are just waiting for a large bearded man from Idaho who is currently enroute. There may be another meetup in Toronto according to Shay Carl.

Interesting fact about Canadian scientists inventing the carbon dioxide laser and shame on Corey for telling everyone that all Canadians have one. We're not supposed to tell anyone outside of other Canadians about that! Next thing you know he'll be telling Wheezy about our super-secret time machine that runs solely on maple syrup and back bacon. And a thumbs up for working a plug for Tim Hortons into the video.

Wheezy Waiter: ACTION STAR?!

Hard as it may be to imagine, but Wheezy also has a burgeoning film career (take that Ryan Reynolds! Maybe Scarlett Johansson will now realize the error of her ways) and appears as a kickbutt action hero in the clip below. Oh, and there's a dude dressed like a giant tongue.

That's Morgan the Orabrush Tongue Guy in an episode I like to call Wheezy and the Tongue. In case you couldn't tell, one of the best youtubers at special effects, Freddie Wong helped out on this "Black Ops" episode.

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