Friday, November 12, 2010

Elmify's (Not So) Secret Plan To Ambush Charlieissocoollike

After being given a shout out by Charlie McDonnell (he's a well-known youtuber charlieissocoollike in case he's not well-known to you), Elmify has decided to repay him by giving some shout outs of her own. And probably lying in wait when he emerges from the airport when he arrives in the States (in December according to Charlie).

I've been watching Elmify's videos since around July 2010 and always laugh at her vlogs. It seems like just a little while back that she hit 10,000 subscribers and checking her channel, she's up to 30K after getting the thumbs up from Charlie. So a big congrats to Elmify - 50,000 by the end of the year? And 100K by mid-2011? I say yes it will happen.

Elmify was given a shout out by Charlie because of a video he had originally watched when he first joined Youtube over 3 years ago called The Liker Chain (see the post on Bradshaw's Blog: Charlie McDonnell Pays It Forward To Other Youtubers for more) and one of the youtubers he mentioned was Elmify.

So she is returning the favor by giving shout outs to other youtubers that she likes:


I haven't heard of those folks except for Lesliefoundhergrail who I am subbed to already and I agree needs more subs. The others will get the onceover and I will try to get them featured on this blog as well.

I took a quick look at electricfaeriedust (because of the name) and I don't know if that's a scottish accent or not. Usually it's relatively easy to tell where folks are from in the UK by their accent (there's a wide variation in accents the further from London you head) but I could be mistaken. She's a cute 18-year-old girl with a high nerdness factor which is obviously a plus but I'll have to watch more of her videos and those of the others I haven't subbed to yet.

You should check them out too because one of them might become you newest favorite youtuber.

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