Sunday, November 14, 2010

Meet Ted Bear ~ Cyanide & Happiness

Just stumbled across this channel that features great animation and had to share it with you folks. The channel is ExplosmEntertainment and they just posted the video below on November 8, 2010 and it's had 1.2 million views in five days. It features a little Aussie-voiced survival guide named Ted Bear. Watch and laugh.

Youtube is always surprising me with unexpected stuff like this channel that I hadn't heard about but a friend on Youtube pointed out to me. They have only 193,910 subs (right now), but expect a flood of people to jump on this channel pretty quick. They've just added about 21K new subscribers in the last month alone which is quite a big jump.

They've only been uploading since February 2010, but they now have 24 videos uploaded. Take a look at their first video called "The Sign".

I am now fully subbed to these guys. They also have a website you might want to creep: Lots of stuff to check out, plus they have an active forum. There's a note that they had just opened a website store, but they had to close it down because they got slammed with visitors and they exceeded their 15GB bandwidth immediately. So if you know anyone who can help them out with cheap bandwidth, they would probably appreciate it.

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