Thursday, November 11, 2010

Has Philip DeFranco Been Abducted By Aliens?!

Or he had the most adverse reaction to lack of sleep EVER. If you are following Philip DeFranco, you may know that he was in San Francisco taking a first peek at the movie Skyline (which looks interesting) as well as various meetings. But we get a sleepy Phil to tell us the news of the day:

Okay, what the heck just happened at the end? Was Phil sucked up into a UFO? Will they do all kinds of weird (lots of sexual stuff I'm guessing)experiments on our boy? More importantly, will he be back and well-rested for the next Philip DeFranco Show?

Have to admit that was not expected. Sci-fi special effects comes to the sxephil show lol.

As far as the news, that rocket that got fired from who-knows-where, by who-knows-who should be enough to give you the shudders because the gov't apparently doesn't know what happened. Hasn't someone received a phone call yet? Something like: "um, General? One of our missles is missing..."

He did include a link to an article about it: Missing California Missile, but I think I know what it was - it was buddy and his rocket jetpack that Phil was talking about yesterday: Jet Pack WIN!!!!!. He probably made one too many loop-da-loops resulting in a faceplant 20 miles off the California coast.

Before he um, left... Phil set up a YouTube playlist for a bunch of stuff about the movie Skyline that he mentioned early. So if you want more on that check out: Skyline Trailers & Stuff

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