Saturday, January 29, 2011

George Watsky: How Does That Pale Kid Rap So Fast?

Sometimes it seems I am the last one to find great videos it seems as the following video by George Watsky (aka gwatsky) somehow slips past me. If you don't know who Watsky is, he's known more for his poems than rapping, but you wouldn't know it from this video. This kid is FAST! Listen to his flow:

You go gay baby!

I've been watching this over and over and yes I have tried to say it just like he does and failing miserably. How did I find out about this video? I was watching the latest from Hank Green of the vlogbrothers who made a valient attempt to copy Watsky's style (and did a fair job) but couldn't keep up. One think about Hank and his brother John is that they do highlight some cool stuff in their vlogs and who knows when I would have stumbled across Watsky's epic little clip? If you like poetry (or more specifically slam poetry) check out his channel.

Here's the video by the vlogbrothers that tipped me off to George's video. In Hank's video besides the part where he tries to rap like gwatsky he also has news about VidCon 2011, which you will want to know about if you are thinking about attending the July 2011 event.

As a side note, I checked one of the video responses to Watsky's video and stumbled across the channel of BeautifulGirlByDana a Canadian vlogger who talks about the video and offers some very important pointers for those who post music videos on Youtube but are without record deals or large channels (think VEVO et al) behind them. His video is very laid back and although the clip is 10 minutes long, I would definitely recommend that you listen to what he has to say about the changes made to how music videos are presented on Youtube. Basically he tells lesser known musicians and other artists how to get more views for their work which can get buried in the Bieber-Lady Gaga stuff. I will be writing more about what he says because it is intriguing news.

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