Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dan 3.0 Meets Part Of The Pogotribe In California

In case you don't know who Dan Brown is, he's the guy on YouTube that has to do what the viewers of his channel vote for him to do for the duration of one year. Nothing illegal, unethical or anything that would cause personal injury, but this meetup is one of the things the members of Dan's "Pogotribe" have set out for him to accomplish. Dan and his girlfriend (the comparatively diminutive, but pucky Danielle) have set out to meet meet a group of fellow youtubers in Los Angeles and later in San Francisco.

For a little background, Dan announced back at VidCon in the summer that he was doing an experiment for one year where he would turn over his life to his viewers. Check out this post I did at the time about the Dan 3.0 Project and VidCon Announcement. You can also read Dan's Squarespace Blog for updates on how the project is progressing.

Also, he was talking about how the Ford Fiesta people had been helping with the project and Ford had given them the use of a Fiesta which is cool. The Fiesta people have been doing stuff like this for some time, working with various youtubers - Wheezy Waiter and Olga Kay among others were given the use of a Fiesta for 6 months over the last year and they had to try to incorporate the car into some of their videos. Check out Wheezy's funny video on the 2nd clip of this post: Wheezy Waiter: How to Become World Famous On YouTube Overnight.

Here is the schedule for upcoming Dan 3.0 YouTube Gatherings!

November 4th [Thursday] Seattle, WA
November 8th [Monday] Minneapolis, MN
November 10th [Wednesday] Chicago, IL
November 14th [Sunday] Boston, MA
November 16th [Tuesday] New York City, NY
November 18th [Thursday] Philadelphia, PA
November 21st [Sunday] Atlanta, GA
November 24th [Wednesday] Dallas, TX

So if you are in the area when Dan and Danielle are scheduled to do a meetup, stop in and say hello. Hey, you might get in the video too!

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