Friday, October 22, 2010

Youtuber Marcus Butler's 14,000 Foot Sky Dive

No freaking way I will ever do that lol! Marcus Butler just stepped out of a nice safe airplane and plummeted 14,000 feet to the ground. Here's the video.

You see the preparations at the beginning as the group are shown what to do during the dive. Later we see Marcus on the plane, not looking quite as confident, furtively peeking out the window. When that door opened and you could see the ground from so high up, I was thinking no, no, no thanks! But give him credit because Marcus had a big grin on his face as he jumped.

The camera shots were pretty good as a second parachutist took video from below Marcus as they dropped at what? 1,000 miles an hour? That was too cool lol. I did notice that one of the tags on the video was "die" lol, but he probably could have put "whathaveIgottenmyselfinto?" as a tag.

Where did he do the jump? It was in (actually over) Bryon Bay, Australia.

If you want to subscribe to Marcus' Youtube channel, there's a link above. He joined YouTube in January 2010 and has 8,234 subs right now and made partner in April. He dyed his hair purple after hitting 5,000 subs, and now he's jumped out of an airplane (more than once!). What will he do when he hits 10K subscribers? Go to his channel and tell him in the comments section. Also, his Twitter account is @Marcus_Butler_ if you want to stalk him over there.

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