Sunday, October 31, 2010

DaveDays ~ "Turn Off The Lights" Song For Ecomagination Challenge

It seems that DaveDays is coming out with new songs just about every other week! Actually his most recent video was released about 2 weeks ago, see my post about What Does It Take.

And yes, that was Kimmi (last seen in Dave's Olive You video) and Sammah of "Do It Float?" fame hidin' out in the shower. Actually, Dave credits Sammah and Cyr for doing the filming.

This looks like it may be part of the Ecomagination Challenge and you have to like Dave's style: "yeah, we gotta turn the lights off baby. Don't you wanna save the environment?"

And you can pick up the newest DaveDays song (and his others too) over at davedays/itunes (actually Dave's giving this one away for FREE and that link takes you to his website).

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