Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shaytards: Mommytard's Glitter Camera And North Carolina Sidetrip

Shay's back home and complaining about having to use Mommytard's camera because he left his flipcam on the plane. Personally, I think Katilette should get Shay some kinda chain to attach to his camera (and toothbrush too apparently) that locks onto his belt so the big guy doesn't lose stuff so much. Anyway, watch what happens. Love the opening with Shay chasing a giggling Babytard around.

Mommytard put some glittery rhinestone-type things in a cute girly design on her camera - as girls are known to do. I do see Shay's point, but guys are also known for losing stuff, as Shay seems to lose all his toothbrushes on his trips. Here's a point: next time Shay goes on a trip put a comment in his video to remind him to pack his toothbrush! I'll try to remember to add that in his comments too.

We get to see Mommytard and the tardlets during their recent trip to North Carolina kicking back and relaxing in a picnic area and then on the plane. Funny, but Babytard is acting more and more like Princesstard in front of the camera, making faces and being generally goofy, which is great. Lil Rocktard looked like he was about to start vlogging himself while they were getting ready for takeoff. Katilette and Shay sure do make some cute babies.

And then we find out that they all have different names: Mommytard is now Watermelon, Princesstard is Strawberries, Sontard is Mister Peppers, Babytard is Apples and Rocktard is Salad. Salad? An odd name, but Rocktard is an odd name too if you think about it.

They get home and there's Katilette's sister helping them cook supper. I don't know what Mommytard's sister's name is, so if you know, leave a comment. She's not Callie (as in calliemooremusic, her musical sister who also has a Youtube channel). That tomato sauce looked pretty tasty - they made it using tomatoes from (I believe) Shay's Mom's garden. Maybe the next channel for these guys should be a cooking channel. Mommytard showing how to cook delicious dinners and stuff. Just an idea.

Loved the ending as Katilette sneaks up on Shay arriving home. Oh yeah, and the girl playing the guitar at the beginning of this shaytards video is Michelle Leung, so be sure to check out her channel.

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