Saturday, October 23, 2010

LasVegasBarbie Also Has A Sexy Brain

One of the Youtubers I have been subscribed to for a while is LasVegasBarbie (also known as Morgan Lynn). I think I first spotted her in a video during VidCon and again in another by Charles Trippy and Alli Speed (The Chubby Bunny Challenge: Enter At Own Risk) and thought I would check out her videos and subbed to her channel.

Why am I subbed to her? Well, yes, she is easy on the eyes (smoking hot actually, and very pretty), but that's not the only reason I recommend her. Many will click on her videos just from a thumbnail of her sitting in front of her camera, but I've found she is also clever and funny which means more to me as a viewer.

Don't get me wrong, she does have the WOW Factor and attracts many horny male subscribers and the expected juvenile comments, but all the attractive female youtubers get that. What she has been doing recently has been to upload videos like the following, where she provides relationship advice in a humorous way.

Many of the guys watching probably lose their sense of hearing momentarily when she pops up on the screen, which is fine, but try to listen to what she is saying. She talks about sex in a funny way. Most of what she says is pretty much true: in the video above she matter-of-factly states whether women really do care about a man's size (yes some women with, shall we say, a morally lax attitude care). But others don't.

As a guy I can freely admit that I am pretty much clueless about the workings of the female mind, and any help I get is appreciated, and when an attractive woman tells you what women want in a man, I listen. One of her other videos I particularly liked was the one where she took her kids for milkshakes and they were watching mermaids swimming in a nearby tank. Take a look:

This is the kind of LasVegasBarbie video I really like: a gorgeous mom with her kids out in the real world, just having fun.

I think she should do more of these Shaytards-like videos. She has the cute kids and people would certainly tune in to see the hot mom, but videos like these are also hard to grind out on a daily basis (just ask Shay and Katilette). And yes she is a mom, but I would advise against labelling her with the "M"-word, because she does take exception to that term.

She has been on YouTube since January 2009 and has 16,070 subscribers to her channel, but I think she should have more. You can also find her over on Twitter: @lasvegasbarbie. As an added bonus, she has a Facebook Page, but I think she should set up a Facebook Fan Page so she can have more than the 5,000 limit Facebook puts on personal pages. I'd be one of the first to click "like" on that page.

So, check out her videos, and subscribe to her if you have a Youtube account. Encourage her to keep making good videos and leave comments with suggestions about what you want her to vlog about.

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