Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CTFxC: The Dogfrog, Throwing Pinecones & Tossing Up Flowers

Um, Charles? Playing with Fapman isn't going to get your Halloween video done.

Charles Trippy was complaining about how long it was taking to complete their Halloween video because it was filmed in California during their recent trip out there. I thought that was Lisa Nova as the pretty blond at the door on the video Charles was working on, but I can't tell who that is - maybe Nikki Limo in a wig?. Guess I'll have wait til Halloween to find out.

Lol at Marley in the frog costume - she's Dogfrog! Charles says he'll put up a new video on his CharlesTrippy channel of Marley dressed up as the frog in a few days.

No one wanted Charles' flowers - Alli threw them to the ground, and Zoe & Marley both gave him the cold shoulder, so he decided to pretend he was vomiting flowers, which was kinda gross lol. It was because of all the comments on his last video about all the pooh & vomit in the movie Jackass 3D that he and Alli saw the other night. And shades of their water fight the other day, Alli & Charles pelt each other with pine cones.

After seeing poor Marley trembling in fear at all the bubbles, Charles mentioned that the vlogs had been short, mostly because of all the t-shirts they have been sending, which is perfectly fine. That's one thing about becoming popular on YouTube and the Internet in general - if you start selling stuff, you can get swamped with orders pretty quick. Their CTFxC channel has 347,145 subscribers, so if one in 500 subs buys a t-shirt that's like almost 700 t-shirts and they have to package, address, and mail them all which takes a LOT of time. And there's the hassle of dealing with the local post office - as Charles attests to each time they go there.

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