Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stuck In A Webloop And Ask Catrific

I'm sure all of you have at one point or another been stuck in a webloop. A "webloop" is that period of time between when you have read everything on Facebook, all or any YouTube comments, Twitter, Dailybooth, etc and you are hitting refresh, refresh... refresh, waiting (im)patiently for something new to appear on your screen. That's basically how catrific explains it. Of course, I've been there. (Read the following as if read by smarmy radio announcer's voice) "Usually what I do is head over to Bradshaw's Blog to see what's up" (ugh, enough of the shameless promotion Bradshaw!). Here's what Catrific has to say about webloops:

Yes, I've been there. Usually after I've posted something on Facebook or Twitter that I think is dastardly clever and sure to provoke tons of comments and I'm met with deafingly silence. Surprisingly, that happens more often than you would think. Or not. (Okay, so I'm not as clever as I thought).

But this post isn't about my apparent dullness and almost manic need for social affirmation, it's about the cute girl in the video. Her name is Catrific and she's closing in on 100K subscribers. She's got a lot of videos posted on her channel and you might like to check them out. Here's another that you might like (with a special secret guest star):

"Hey, Hey! You Can Ask Catrific!"

I was watching this video thinking... "I've seen this video before. Haven't I?" Then the theme music kicked in. I saw ij's video where she showed how she gets that halo effect to her videos (need more "how-to" videos ij!). You can also follow catrific on dailybooth.com/catrific and Twitter at @catrific. Man, I thought I tweeted a lot, but she's at over 7,700 tweets!

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