Sunday, October 31, 2010

REALITYB1TES Hits 5,000 Subs

I'm always looking for newer Youtubers to feature on this blog and here's Lee (aka REALITYB1TES) who has racked up over 5K subscribers since starting his channel back in May 2010. He made the video below to thank his subscribers:

I subbed to him after seeing one of his earliest videos about Sleep Paralysis (his 2nd on this channel) where he did this super-creepy face morphing thing. You'll have to watch it because it is hard to describe (and was totally unexpected lol).

Lee has made a couple more videos since getting his 5,000th sub and now has 5,805 subscribers. He posts new videos just about every week or so and gets at least 1,000 views per video, and some have 4K-plus.

He describes himself as a "fun loving, quirky kind of guy" and that does come through in his videos. In his most recent video he talks about the panic in Singapore when there was a report of a bear roaming about, but it turned out to be just a dude in a bear suit doing a promotional video.

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