Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shaytards: Rocktards Growing Up & Shay's Whuppin' His Brother Logan

Okay Rocktard - SLOW DOWN on the growin' up thing!

Man, it seems like just the other day that Mommytard gave birth to the little guy and he's already bopping around in jolly jumper? Next week he'll probably be bouncing around on their trampolin! Lol at Shay, "He's gonna be re-financing his mortgage before we know it!"

Later we see Princesstard and Babytard doing some cheerleading with Shay's yummy sister Carli. Mommytard gets a few moments to reflect on how fast kids grow and that before she knows it, Rocktard will be 2 feet tall and running after Sontard and the girls through the house. Well, there's always the option of another tardlet (Shay probably shuddered as I wrote that lol).

Princesstard is really coming along with the jumps and leaps. It looks like she wants to do this cheerleading thing, while Babytard is just having fun running up to Katilette and looking over at her when doing the gymnastics. Too cute. Carli is really good with the kids and the ones helping her lift the girls in the air. It was funny when Carli was telling her "Straight line, straight line" and Princesstard says "I GOT IT!" You can almost see her in the teen years: Shay says "Be home by 9pm" and Princesstard "I GOT IT!" lol.

When Shay lays a beating on his kid brother Logan, he throws him to the ground and says he just sharted which almost made me choke on my cup of coffee lol. I gotta admit that was pretty sad looking excuse for a tomato plant in the kitchen when Princesstard was wearing the "sombrero".

It was good to see Sontard learning about the pitfalls of accepting candy from strangers. I think he's a pretty bright little guy, but it never hurts to see that. As a side note, have you noticed Shay always asks about what the kids learned at school that day? It's so easy to not pay attention to their lives at school and what they are being taught but Shay does seem to take a genuine interest in their education which is good to see.

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