Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prankhouse: Charles Trippy Jumps 4 Dudes On A Moped

Lol at Charles Trippy as he jumps a bunch of guys with a little motor bike. It looks like it is some kind of music rehearsal area (actually it's the Prankhouse) and Charles and a all these dudes have built a ramp and Charles is shown jumping over some brave friends. Unless they are some unknowing passers-by who were given $5 each to lie in front of the ramp. "Honest guys, he's a trained professional stunt motorcyclist! I swear!" Check out Charles' personal channel at Charles Trippy.

The girls at 0:43 look thoroughly impressed lol. I can just imagine Alli Speed with that exact same look on her face when she saw this. And love that the one guy is also wearing a helmet as Charles and the bike whip past his unprotected gut. Kids, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!! You'll end up on YouTube (Probably in a Ray William Johnson =3 video).

There's some "behind the scenes" stuff on Charles and Alli's main channel, CTFxC. Cannot believe those guys actually ate the bugs!

Make sure you check out all the Prankhouse crew over at Prankhouse. Lots of cool stuff to watch there - plus, there's a lively discussion board over on there Facebook page: Prank House Discussions. So get you sorry behinds over to that page and follow what Charles Trippy, Shay Carl, KeepTheHeat, ForSkitsAndGiggles, PrankVsPrank, SuperEd86, Katers17, Peter Chao, SidneyRaz, Corey Vidal, MattG124 and MrSafety are all doing.

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